Explorations of jazz, hip-hop, and pop. Probably

There is a band and it is called SHYFINGER. This is where you can find them, have a looksee

Shyfinger band members. Biff, Fran, Ellis, Phil.
BIFF blows pipes. FRAN pokes keys. ELLIS twangs strings. PHILL hits things.


Having been musicians for quite some time, the members of Shyfinger came together, desperate to have a band with an interesting name.

All the good names were taken.

But this did not deter the plucky crew of instrument manglers, bashers and blowers. Oh no. It made them more RESOLUTE. And thus, they did put together bits of funky riffing, and jazzy noodling, and some of that “head-nod shit,” leaving out the face-melting solos so beloved of musos everywhere, and verily it became a set.

And oh, they did practice. 
And they did write.
And they did drink tea, of varying strength and exotic flavourings.

And they were happy for now they have a band to which you can listen.
Good luck, and godspeed!



Photo: Kris Extance